Question: In a classic study Milgram et al lost stamped

In a classic study, Milgram et al. “ lost” stamped envelopes with fictitious addresses (Medical Research Association, Personal Address, Friends of Communist Party, and Friends of Nazi Party).* One hundred letters with each address were distributed among four locations ( shops, cars, streets, and phone booths) in New Haven Connecticut, with the following results:
(a) Using the .05 level of significance, test the null hypothesis that address does not matter in the underlying population.
(b) Specify the approximate p - value for this result.
(c) Assuming x2 is significant, estimate the strength of this relationship.
(d) How might these results be reported in the literature?
(e) Collapse the original 4 × 2 table to a 2 × 2 table by combining the results for the two neutral addresses and for the two inflammatory addresses. Calculate the odds ratio for returned letters.

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