Question: In a germination trial 50 seeds were planted in each

In a germination trial, 50 seeds were planted in each of 40 rows. The number of seeds germinating in each row was recorded as listed in the following table.
a. Use the preceding frequency distribution table to determine the observed rate of germination for these seeds.
b. The binomial probability experiment with its corresponding probability distribution can be used with the variable “number of seeds germinating per row” when 50 seeds are planted in every row. Identify the specific binomial function and list its distribution using the germination rate found in part
a. Justify your answer.
c. Suppose you are planning to repeat this experiment by planting 40 rows of these seeds, with 50 seeds in each row. Use your probability model from part b to find the frequency distribution for x that you would expect to result from your planned experiment.
d. Compare your answer in part c with the results that were given in the preceding table. Describe any similarities and differences.

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