Question: In a May 4 2011 Quinnipiac University poll a random

In a May 4, 2011 Quinnipiac University poll, a random sample of New York City residents were asked, “How serious is the problem of police officers fixing tickets: very serious, somewhat serious, not too serious, or not at all serious?” (Note: In 2010 to 2011, New York City investigated the widespread problem of traffic ticket fixing by police officers. Many police officers were charged with this crime after the investigation.) The following table summarizes residents’ responses.
Response Percentage of Responses
Very serious....... 38
Somewhat serious.... 26
Not too serious..... 17
Not at all serious..... 8
These percentages add up to 89%. The remaining respondents stated that they did not know or had no opinion. Assume that 11% belong to the category did not know. Draw a pie chart for this percentage distribution.

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