Question: In a radioactivity experiment a solid lead brick with same

In a radioactivity experiment, a solid lead brick (with same measurements as a patio brick, 2.00 in. X 4.00 in. X 8.00 in, except with a density that is 11.4 times that of water) is to be modified to hold a solid cylindrical piece of plastic. To accomplish this, the machinists are told to drill a cylindrical hole 2.0 cm in diameter through the center of the brick parallel to the longest side of the brick.
(a) What is the mass of lead (in kilograms) removed from the brick?
(b) What percentage of the original lead remains in the brick?
(c) Assuming the cylindrical hole is completely filled with plastic (with a density twice that of water), determine the overall (aver-age) density of the combination after fabrication is complete.

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