In a recent Harris Poll a random sample of adult
In a recent Harris Poll, a random sample of adult Americans (18 years and older) was asked, “When you see an ad emphasizing that a product is ‘Made in America,’ are you more likely to buy it, less likely to buy it, or neither more nor less likely to buy it?” The results of the survey, by age group, are presented in the contingency table below.
(a) How many adult Americans were surveyed? How many were 55 and older?
(b) Construct a relative frequency marginal distribution.
(c) What proportion of Americans are more likely to buy a product when the ad says “Made in America”?
(d) Construct a conditional distribution of likelihood to buy “Made in America” by age. That is, construct a conditional distribution treating age as the explanatory variable.
(e) Draw a bar graph of the conditional distribution found in part (d).
(f ) Write a couple sentences explaining any relation between likelihood to buy and age.
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