Question: In a recent Pew poll of 1500 adults 52 of

In a recent Pew poll of 1500 adults, 52% of the respondents said that the use of marijuana should not be made legal. In the same poll, 23% of the respondents said that the use of marijuana for medical purposes should not be legal.
a. The sample of 1500 adults was selected from the population of all adults in the United States. The method used to select the sample was equivalent to placing the names of all adults in a giant bowl, mixing the names, and then drawing 1500 names. What type of sampling is this? (Random, systematic, convenience, stratified, cluster)
b. If the sampling method consisted of a random selection of 30 adults from each of the 50 states, what type of sampling would this be? (Random, systematic, convenience, stratified, cluster)
c. What is the level of measurement of the responses of yes, no, don’t know, and refused to respond?
d. Is the given value of 52% a statistic or a parameter? Why?
e. What would be wrong with conducting the survey by mailing a questionnaire that respondents could complete and mail back?

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