Question: In an attempt to improve budgeting the controller for Meliore

In an attempt to improve budgeting, the controller for Meliore, Inc., has developed a flexible budget for overhead costs. Meliore, Inc., makes two types of products, the standard model and the deluxe model. Meliore expects to produce 300,000 units of the standard model and 120,000 units of the deluxe model during the coming year. The standard model requires 0.05 direct labor hour per unit, and the deluxe model requires 0.08. The controller has developed the following cost formulas for each of the four overhead items:
Cost Formula
Maintenance $34,500 þ $1.25 DLH
Power $0.50 DLH
Indirect labor $68,400 þ $2.30 DLH
Rent $31,500
1. Prepare an overhead budget for the expected activity level for the coming year.
2. Prepare an overhead budget that reflects production that is 10 percent higher than expected (for both products) and a budget for production that is 20 percent lower than expected.

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