In an experiment described in the Journal of Agricultural, Biological, and Environmental Statistics (Dec. 2000), bins of corn were stocked with various parasites (e.g., grain moths) in late winter. In early summer (June), three bowl-shaped traps were placed on the surface of the grain in order to capture the moths.
All three traps were baited with a sex pheromone lure; however, one trap used an unmarked sticky adhesive, one was marked with a fluorescent red powder, and one was marked with a fluorescent blue powder. The traps were set on a Wednesday, and the catch was collected the following Thursday and Friday. The accompanying table (saved in the MOTHTRAP file) shows the number of moths captured in each trap on each day. Conduct a test (at a = .10) to determine whether the percentages of moths caught by the three traps depends on the day of the week.

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