Question: In an experiment designed to assess aids to the success

In an experiment designed to assess aids to the success of interviews of graduate students carried out by faculty mentors, interviewers were randomly assigned to one of three interview modes-feedback, feedback and goal setting, and control. For the feedback mode interviewers had the opportunity to examine and discuss their graduate students' reactions to previous interviews. In the feedback-and-goal-setting mode, faculty mentors were encouraged to set goals for the forthcoming interview. For the control group, interviews were carried out in the usual way, without feedback or goal setting. After the interviews were completed, the satisfaction levels of the graduate students with the interviews were assessed. For the 45 people in the feedback group, the mean satisfaction level was 13.98. The 49 people in the feedback-and-goal-setting group had a mean satisfaction level of 15.12, whereas the 41 control group members had a mean satisfaction level of 13.07. The F ratio computed from the data was 4.12.
a. Prepare the complete analysis of variance table.
b. Test the null hypothesis that the population mean satisfaction levels are the same for all three types of interview.

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