Question: In April 2012 N3L Optics conducted a telephone poll of

In April 2012, N3L Optics conducted a telephone poll of 1080 adult Americans aged 18 years and older. One of the questions asked respondents to identify which outdoor activities and sports they favor for fitness. Respondents could choose more than one activity/sport. Of the respondents, 76% said walking, 35% mentioned hiking, and 27% said team sports ( Using these results, find a 98% confidence interval for the population percentage that corresponds to each response. Write a one-page report to present your results to a group of college students who have not taken statistics. Your report should answer questions such as the following:
(1) What is a confidence interval?
(2) Why is a range of values (interval) more informative than a single percentage (point estimate)?
(3) What does 98% confidence mean in this context?
(4) What assumptions, if any, are you making when you construct each confidence interval?

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