In Chapter 11 we described a research study in which
In Chapter 11, we described a research study in which the color red appeared to increase men's attraction to women (Elliot & Niesta, 2008). The same researchers have published other results showing that red also increases women's attraction to men but does not appear to affect judgments of same-sex individuals (Elliot et al., 2010). Combining these results into one study produces a two-factor design in which men judge photographs of both women and men, which are shown on both red and white backgrounds.
The dependent variable is a rating of attractiveness for the person shown in the photograph. The study uses a separate group of participants for each condition.
The following table presents data similar to the results from previous research.
a. Use a two-factor ANOVA with a = .05 to evaluate the main effects and the interaction.
b. Describe the effect of background color on judgments of males and females.
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