Question: In Chapter 12 Exercise 12 13 you critiqued the r sum of

In Chapter 12, Exercise 12.13, you critiqued the résumé of Jennifer Stanton. Below is her cover letter. Using the information about Jennifer from Exercise 12.13, redo her letter to improve it. Then write a memo to your instructor discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the letter and explaining why you made the changes you did.
Date: 13 February, 2012

Re: Job!

Dear Ms. Patterson:
My name is Jennifer Stanton and I really want to work with you at Quantum National! Your job looks a whole lot like the one I had at my internship this past summer, so I’m pretty sure I’d be great at it.
I can’t start until this Summer, because I’m finishing up my degree at Iowa State. I’m currently working on a degree in Business Management, so I’d be a great manager at your business. The one thing I’ve learned for sure in college is how to balance deadlines to get everything done on time. I’ve had a few classes where we had to work in teams, and I’ve been the team leader every time: once I step in, people just want to follow where I lead.
I think my work experience is exactly what you’re looking for, too. At my internship last summer, I was basically unsupervised, so I had to learn fast! I managed cliet and department needs, I did the budgets—twice!—and I worked with a sales and marketing team to put together client information packages. I also did the scheduling for the team the whole time, which was my supervisor’s job but she delegated it to me, because I am trustworthy. I also worked for years at my family’s bookstore, which shows I can hold down a job.
Like I said, I’m really interested in this job. I think that this would be a great place to start my career, and I know I can do the job! Give me a call on my cell when you decide who you’re interviewing!


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