In Chapter 12 we analyzed strength data for a sample
In Chapter 12, we analyzed strength data for a sample of female high school athletes. The following figure is a residual plot for the multiple regression model relating the maximum number of pounds the athlete could bench press (BP) to the number of 60-pound bench presses (BP_60) and the number of 200-pound leg presses (LP_200). It plots the standardized residuals
against the values of LP_200.
a. You don’t see BP_60 on the plot, so how do its values affect the analysis?
b. Explain how the plot might suggest less variability at the lower values of LP_200.
c. Suppose you remove the three points with standardized residuals around -2. Then is the evidence about variability in part b so clear? What does this suggest about cautions in looking at residual plots?
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