Question: In cotherapy two or more therapists lead a group An

In cotherapy, two or more therapists lead a group. An article in the American Journal of Dance Therapy (Spring/Summer 1995) examined the use of cotherapy in dance/movement therapy. Two of several variables measured on each of a sample of 136 professional dance/movement therapists were years x of formal training and reported success rate y(measured as a percentage) of co-leading dance/movement therapy groups.
a. Propose a linear model relating y to x.
b. The researcher hypothesized that dance/movement therapists with more years in formal dance training will report higher perceived success rates in cotherapy relationships. State the hypothesis in terms of the parameter of the model you proposed in part a.
c. The correlation coefficient for the sample data was reported as r = -.26. Interpret this result.
d. Does the value of r in part c support the hypothesis in part b? Test, using α = .05.

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