In each of the following independent cases use a systems
In each of the following independent cases, use a systems documentation technique specified by your instructor to model the process.
a. Dave’s Pool Service is based in Upland, California; the firm offers a variety of pool- and spa-related services, including acid washing, routine maintenance, solar panel installation, and repair services. For regular customers, Dave prepares and mails paper invoices on a monthly basis; for one-time services, Dave leaves the invoice at the client’s home. Dave accepts payment via check only; if a client fails to pay amounts billed within 30 days,
Dave turns the case over to a collections firm. Dave deposits cash receipts in his personal checking account on a weekly basis; he does not maintain a separate business checking account.
b. Steve and Mike Nauertz own an insurance agency with offices in Upland, Arcadia, and
Pasadena, California; they offer several types of insurance, including automobile, motor-cycle, homeowners, and whole life. When a client comes into one of the offices, one of the owners does a “needs assessment,” which they record both on a paper form and in a relational database file. The client is then assigned to an office employee who presents the available options based on the needs assessment. Options include type of insurance, insurance providers, costs, and policy features. The client makes a choice; the employee writes the policy and collects the initial payment in cash or check. Thereafter, the insurance company bills the client directly; Nauertz Insurance collects a commission from the insurance company. Steve or Mike deposits client receipts in a business bank account daily; commissions are transmitted to the same account electronically.
c. Choose any organization where you do business regularly, such as a gas station, bookstore, or restaurant. Write a description of the sales/collection process, then document the process you described
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