Question: In each of the following independent situations state which AICPA

In each of the following (independent) situations, state which AICPA Code of Professional Conduct (if any) is violated by a CPA in public practice.
a. The CPA opens a tax practice and names the new firm “Jill’s Super Tax.”
b. In return for recommending a certain investment to an audit client, a CPA receives a 5 percent com-mission from the broker who sells the investments.
c. The IRS is assessing a taxpayer for an additional $ 100,000 of tax. The CPA offers to represent the taxpayer for a fee that is equal to 25 percent of any amount by which he can get the IRS to reduce its assessment.
d. A CPA places an advertisement in the local newspaper that states that she is the “Best CPA in the Western World.” The advertisement further states that, because of her great skill, the CPA has considerable influence with the IRS and the U. S. Tax Court. e. A CPA partnership has eight partners, six of whom are members of the AICPA. On its letterhead, the firm designates itself as “Members of the AICPA.”
f. A CPA who is not in public practice is convicted of helping to run a large illegal drug operation.

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