Question: In each of these statements tell whether descriptive or inferential

In each of these statements, tell whether descriptive or inferential statistics have been used.
a. By 2040 at least 3.5 billion people will run short of water (World Future Society).
b. Nine out of ten on-the-job fatalities are men (Source: USA TODAY Weekend).
c. Expenditures for the cable industry were $5.66 billion in 1996 (Source: USA TODAY).
d. The median household income for people aged 25–34 is $35,888 (Source: USA TODAY).
e. Allergy therapy makes bees go away (Source: Prevention).
f. Drinking decaffeinated coffee can raise cholesterol levels by 7% (Source: American Heart Association).
g. The national average annual medicine expenditure per person is $1052 (Source: The Greensburg Tribune Review).
h. Experts say that mortgage rates may soon hit bottom (Source: USA TODAY).

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