Question: In Exercise 1 25 of 3887 sampled subjects 63 8 said that

In Exercise 1.25, of 3887 sampled subjects, 63.8% said that at least once they felt as though they were in touch with someone when they were far away. That is, of 3887 sampled subjects who had an opinion, 1407 said never and 2480 said at least once. Suppose that only 20% of the entire population would report at least one such experience. If the sample of 3887 people were a random sample, would this sample proportion result of 0.638 be surprising? Investigate, using the applet described in Activity 2. Do this by simulating samples from the population with a proportion of 0.20. Use the sample size of 4000 as an approximation to the actual sample size of 3887.

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