Question: In Exercise 41 we saw data on off road motorcycles and

In Exercise 41, we saw data on off-road motorcycles and examined scatterplots. Review those scatterplots. Here’s a regression of MSRP on both Displacement and Bore. Both of the predictors are measures of the size of the engine. The displacement is the total volume of air and fuel mixture that an engine can draw in during one cycle. The bore is the diameter of the cylinders.
Dependent variable is: MSRP
R squared = 77.0% R squared (adjusted) = 76.5%
s = 979.8 with 98 - 3 = 95 degrees of freedom
a) State and test the standard null hypothesis for the coefficient of Bore.
b) Both of these predictors seem to be linearly related to MSRP. Explain what your result in part a means.

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