Question: In Exercise 6 the following scenario was presented Suppose that

In Exercise 6, the following scenario was presented. Suppose that 55% of the voters in a large city support a particular candidate for mayor and 45% do not support the candidate. A poll of 100 voters will be conducted, and the proportion of them who support the candidate will be found. For this exercise, you want to simulate 1000 polls of 100 people each, and find the proportion of those polls for which 49 or fewer support the candidate. That will provide an estimate of the probability that the poll shows less than majority support, even though in truth 55% of the population supports the candidate. For parts (a) to (e), specify what you would answer for each of the questions to accomplish this simulation using Remember that the simulator will not allow you to specify different weights for the outcomes, so you need to figure out how to incorporate the 0.55 and 0.45 probabilities into your simulation.
a. How many sets of numbers do you want to generate?
b. How many numbers per set?
c. Number range (e. g., 1– 50).
d. Do you wish each number in a set to remain unique?
e. Do you wish to sort the numbers that are generated?
f. Once you had the results of the simulation, how would you use them to estimate the desired probability?

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