In February 2012 the Pew Internet American Life project
In February 2012, the Pew Internet & American Life project conducted a survey that included several questions about how Internet users feel about search engines and other websites collecting information about them and using this information either to shape search results or target advertising to them (Pew Research Center, March 9, 2012). In one question, participants were asked, “If a search engine kept track of what you search for, and then used that information to personalize your future search results, how you would feel about that?” Respondents could indicate either “Would not be okay with it because you feel it is an invasion of your privacy” or “Would be okay with it, even if it means they are gathering information about you.” Joint probabilities of responses and age groups are summarized in the following table.

a. What is the probability a respondent will say not okay with this practice?
b. Given a respondent is 30–49 years old, what is the probability the respondent will say okay with this practice?
c. Given a respondent says not okay with this practice, what is the probability the respondent is 501 years old?
d. Is the attitude about this practice independent of the age of the respondent? Why or why not?
e. Do attitudes toward this practice for respondents who are 18–29 years old and respondents who are 501 years olddiffer?
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