In Fig. 4.15 an astronaut is playing shuffleboard on Earth. The puck has a mass of 2.0 kg. Between the board and puck the coefficient of static friction is 0.35 and of kinetic friction is 0.25.
(a) If she pushes the puck with a force of 5.0 N in the forward direction, does the puck move?
(b) As she is pushing, she trips and the force in the forward direction suddenly becomes 7.5 N. Does the puck move?
(c) If so, what is the acceleration of the puck along the board if she maintains contact between puck and stick as she regains her footing while pushing steadily with a force of 6.0 N on the puck?
(d) She carries her game to the Moon and again pushes a moving puck with a force of 6.0 N forward. Is the acceleration of the puck during contact more, the same, or less than on Earth? Explain.

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