In general this is a simple case to use for
In general, this is a simple case to use for illustrating logistics’ role in a successful lean system.
To begin, it is useful to start by providing the class with some information about Lear Corporation. This information can be provided in one of several ways. It can be provided by assigning the class an assignment of learning as much as they from the Internet about the Lear Corporation. Or, the professor may simply want to tell the students the following:
• Lear is a tier one supplier who is a full service supplier. That is, they do not simply provide components. Rather, they generate value through the fabrication, assembly, and timely delivery of completed assemblies (e.g., seats, car interiors).
• Lear is a lean supplier. This means that they must produce their seats as they are needed.
• Lear is driven by a pull scheduling system.
• Managing the smooth and predictable flow of products from Lear to the plant is critical.
With these elements, we can begin to address the two questions posted in the case.
1. What elements define value for the customers of the Romulus plant?
2. Discuss the role of logistics.
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