In January 2011, the French government passed legislation requiring that within six years at least 40% of corporate board members of large companies be female. Large companies are defined as those having more than 500 employees or revenues over 50 million euros. Suppose the Corporate Women Directors International (CWDI) would like to test the hypothesis that the proportion of women on corporate boards of French companies is more than 5% higher than the proportion of women on boards of U. S. companies. From a random sample of 240 French board members, 73 were found to be women. From a random sample of 225 U. S. board members, 40 were found to be women.
a. Using α = 0.10, perform this hypothesis test for the CWDI.
b. Construct a 90% confidence interval to estimate the difference in the proportion of women board members for these two countries. Interpret your result.
c. Determine the p value and interpret the results.
d. Verify your results using PHStat.

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