Question: In order to assess the U S public s opinion about

In order to assess the U. S. public's opinion about national energy policy random samples were taken of 150 residents of major coal-producing states, 200 residents of major natural gas/ oil-producing states, and 450 residents of the remaining states. Each resident was asked to select his or her most preferred national energy policy. The results are shown in the following table.
a. Replace the number of responses in the table with the five percentages for each of the three groups of respondents.
b. Based on the percentages, does there appear to be a strong dependence between the type of state and the energy policy?
c. Provide a graphical display of the dependency.
d. Which energy policy has the strongest support amongst the 800 surveyed people?
e. Do the opinions displayed in the above table represent the U. S. public’s opinion in general?

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