In pro basketball games during 1980 1982 when Larry Bird of
In pro basketball games during 1980–1982, when Larry Bird of the Boston Celtics missed his first free throw, 48 out of 53 times he made the second one, and when he made his first free throw, 251 out of 285 times he made the second one.
a. Form a 2 × 2 contingency table that cross-tabulates the outcome of the first free throw (with categories made and missed) and the outcome of the second free throw (made and missed).
b. When we use MINITAB to analyze the contingency table, we get the result
Pearson Chi-Square = 0.273, DF = 1,
P-Value = 0.602
Does it seem as if his success on the second shot depends on whether he made the first? Explain how to interpret the result of the chi-squared test.
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