In Problem 42 KanTech Corporation is just as concerned that
In Problem 42, KanTech Corporation is just as concerned that its U.S. distributors receive shipments in the minimum amount of time as they are about minimizing their shipping costs. Suppose that each U.S. distributor receives one major container shipment each month. Following are summaries of the shipping times (in days) between each of the embarkation and destination points along KanTech’s overseas supply chain. These times encompass not only travel time but also processing, loading, and unloading times at each port:

a. Formulate and solve a linear programming model to determine the optimal shipping route for each distribution center along this supply chain that will result in the minimum total shipping time. Determine the shipping route and time for each U.S. distributor.
b. Suppose the European ports can accommodate only three shipments each. How will this affect the solution in part(a)?
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