Question: In Section 3 2 we analyzed the heights of the starting

In Section 3.2, we analyzed the heights of the starting five players on each of two men's college basketball teams. The heights, in inches, of the players on Team II are 67, 72, 76, 76, and 84. Regarding the five players as a sample of all male starting college basketball players,
a. Compute the sample mean height, x-bar.
b. Compute the sample standard deviation, s. Regarding the players now as a population,
c. Compute the population mean height, μ.
d. Compute the population standard deviation, σ.
Comparing your answers from parts (a) and (c) and from parts (b) and (d),
e. Why are the values for . x and μ equal?
f. Why are the values for s and σ different?

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