Question: In small teams turn the following categories into specific report

In small teams, turn the following categories into specific report problems you could research for a business communication course. Write three possible report problems for each category.
1. Social media sites
2. Global warming or climate change
3. Globalization
4. Marketing to younger audiences
5. Career planning
6. Technology/cell phone use
7. Credit card debt
8. Campus-based organizations
9. Tuition
10. Housing/parking on campus
Once you have defined three possible problems for each category, evaluate the problems using the following questions:
Which problem(s) could you address satisfactorily in the time allotted for your course project?
Which problem(s) are real?
Which problem(s) are important enough to be worth researching?
Are the problem(s) narrow enough?
Who will be able to implement recommended action from your research?
For which problem(s) could you find adequate resources to create sound solutions?
As your instructor directs,
a. Write a memo to your instructor that shares your evaluation of the problems.
b. Pick two of the categories and present to the class your evaluation of the problems in an oral presentation.
c. Write a preliminary purpose statement for each of the three problems you have identified for a category.

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