Question: In talking to Brad you mentioned the increasing threat of

In talking to Brad, you mentioned the increasing threat of identity theft. Brad seems concerned and after asking him several questions, you determine the following:
a. For convenience, Brad has his driver’s license number printed on his checks. He also uses checks to make virtually all payments, including transactions with local merchants. Brad has a debit card, but seldom uses it.
b. Since Brad drives past the post office to and from work each day, he maintains a post office box and mails all letters and payments at the post office.
c. Brad has several credit cards in his wallet, but uses only one regularly. He also carries his Social Security card, as he can never remember the number.
d. Brad recycles, including old invoices, credit card statements, and bank statements after retaining them for the appropriate legal time period.
e. Brad uses his cell phone for virtually all his telephone calls, including ordering merchandise and paying by credit card. Comment on each of the above in terms of the risk of identity theft and make recommendations to Brad for appropriate changes that will reduce his risk of exposure to identity theft.

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