Question: In the article Age at Menopause in Puebla Mexico Human

In the article "Age at Menopause in Puebla, Mexico" (Human Biology, Vol. 75, No. 2, pp. 205-206), authors L. Sievert and S. Hautaniemi compared the age of menopause for different populations. Menopause, the last menstrual period, is a universal phenomenon among females.
According to the article, the mean age of menopause, surgical or natural, in Puebla, Mexico is 44.8 years with a standard deviation of 5.87 years. Let . x denote the mean age of menopause for a sample of females in Puebla, Mexico.
a. For samples of size 40, find the mean and standard deviation of . x. Interpret your results in words.
b. Repeat part (a) with n = 120.

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