In the article Comparison of Fiber Counting by TV Screen
In the article "Comparison of Fiber Counting by TV Screen and Eyepieces of Phase Contrast Microscopy" (American Industrial Hygiene Association Journal, Vol. 63, pp. 756-761), I. Moa et al. reported on determining fiber density by two different methods. The fiber density of 10 samples with varying fiber density was obtained by using both an eyepiece method and a TV-screen method. A hypothesis test is to be performed to decide whether, on average, the eyepiece method gives a greater fiber density reading than the TV-screen method.
a. Identify the variable.
b. Identify the two populations.
c. Identify the pairs.
d. Identify the paired-difference variable.
e. Determine the null and alternative hypotheses.
f. Classify the hypothesis test as two tailed, left tailed, or right tailed.
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