Question: In the article Distribution of Oxygen in Surface Sediments from

In the article “Distribution of Oxygen in Surface Sediments from Central Sagami Bay, Japan: In Situ Measurements by Microelectrodes and Planar Optodes” (Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers, Vol. 52, Issue 10, pp. 1974–1987), R. Glud et al. explored the distributions of oxygen in surface sediments from central Sagami Bay. The oxygen distribution gives important information on the general biogeochemistry of marine sediments. Measurements were performed at 16 sites. A sample of 22 depths yielded the following data, in millimoles per square meter per day (mmol m−2 d−1), on diffusive oxygen uptake (DOU).
a. Obtain a normal probability plot of the given data
b. Use part (a) to identify any outliers
c. Use part (a) to assess the normality of the variable under consideration

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