Question: In the article The Human Vomeronasal Organ Part II Prenatal

In the article “The Human Vomeronasal Organ. Part II: Prenatal Development” (Journal of Anatomy, Vol. 197, Issue 3, pp. 421–436), T. Smith and K. Bhatnagar examined the controversial issue of the human vomeronasal organ, regarding its structure, function, and identity. The following table shows the age of fetuses (x), in weeks, and length of crown-rump (y), in millimeters. For part (g), predict the crown-rump length of a 19-week-old fetus.
a. Find the regression equation for the data points.
b. Graph the regression equation and the data points.
c. describe the apparent relationship between the two variables under consideration.
d. Interpret the slope of the regression line.
e. Identify the predictor and response variables.
f. Identify outliers and potential influential observations.
g. Predict the values of the response variable for the specified values of the predictor variable, and interpret your results.

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