In the article Trophic Interaction Cycles in Tundra Ecosystems and
In the article "Trophic Interaction Cycles in Tundra Ecosystems and the Impact of Climate Change" (BioScience, Vol. 55, No. 4, pp. 311-321), R. Ims and E. Fuglei provided an overview of animal species in the northern tundra. One threat to the snow goose in arctic Canada is the lemming. Snowy owls act as protection to the snow goose breeding grounds. For two years that are 3 years apart, the following graphs give relative frequency histograms of the distances, in meters, of snow goose nests to the nearest snowy owl nest.
For each histogram,
a. Identify the overall shape of the distribution.
b. State whether the distribution is symmetric, right skewed, or left skewed.
c. Compare the two distributions.
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