Question: In the book Business Research Methods 5th ed Donald R

In the book Business Research Methods (5th ed.), Donald R. Cooper and C. William Emory discuss studying the relationship between on- the- job accidents and smoking. Cooper and Emory describe the study as follows:
Suppose a manager implementing a smoke-free workplace policy is interested in whether smoking affects worker accidents. Since the company has complete reports of on-the-job accidents, she draws a sample of names of workers who were involved in accidents during the last year. A similar sample from among workers who had no reported accidents in the last year is drawn. She interviews members of both groups to determine if they are smokers or not. The sample results are given in Table 12.5.
a. For each row and column total in Table 12.5, find the corresponding row/ column percentage.
b. For each cell in Table 12.5, find the corresponding cell, row, and column percentages.
c. Use the MINITAB output in Figure to test the hypothesis that the incidence of on- the- job accidents is independent of smoking habits. Set α = .01.
d. Is there a difference in on-the-job accident occurrences between smokers and nonsmokers? Explain.

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