In the book Essentials of Marketing Research, William R. Dillon, Thomas J. Madden, and Neil H. Firtle present the results of a concept study for a new wine cooler. Three hundred consumers between 21 and 49 years old were randomly selected. After sampling the new beverage, each was asked to rate the appeal of the phrase Not sweet like wine coolers, not filling like beer, and more refreshing than wine or mixed drinks as it relates to the new wine cooler. The rating was made on a scale from 1 to 5, with 5 representing “extremely appealing” and with 1 representing “not at all appealing.” The results obtained are given in Table 4.2. Estimate the probability that a randomly selected 21- to 49- year- old consumer
a. Would give the phrase a rating of 5.
b. Would give the phrase a rating of 3 or higher.
c. Is in the 21– 24 age group; the 25– 34 age group; the 35– 49 age group.
d. Is a male who gives the phrase a rating of 4.
e. Is a 35- to 49- year- old who gives the phrase a rating of 1.

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