Question: In the casino game roulette if a player bets 1

In the casino game roulette, if a player bets $1 on red (or on black or on odd or on even), the probability of winning $1 is 18/38 and the probability of losing $1 is 20/38. Suppose that a player begins with $5 and makes successive $1 bets. Let Y equal the player’s maximum capital before losing the $5. One hundred observations of Y were simulated on a computer, yielding the following data:
(a) Construct an ordered stem-and-leaf display.
(b) Find the five-number summary of the data and draw a box-and-whisker diagram.
(c) Calculate the IQR and the locations of the inner and outer fences.
(d) Draw a box plot that shows the fences, suspected outliers, and outliers.
(e) Find the 90th percentile.

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