In the experiment described in the paper Exposure to Diesel
In the experiment described in the paper “Exposure to Diesel Exhaust Induces Changes in EEG in Human Volunteers” (Particle and Fibre Toxicology [2007]), 10 healthy men were exposed to diesel exhaust for 1 hour. A measure of brain activity (called median power frequency, or MPF) was recorded at two different locations in the brain both before and after the diesel exhaust exposure. The resulting data are given in the accompanying table. For purposes of this example, assume that it is reasonable to regard the sample of 10 men as representative of healthy adult males.
a. Do the data provide convincing evidence that the mean MPF at brain location 1 is higher after diesel exposure? Test the relevant hypotheses using a significance level of .05.
b. Construct and interpret a 90% confidence interval estimate for the difference in mean MPF at brain location 2 before and after exposure to diesel exhaust.
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