Question: In the following first list are 10 examples of the

In the following first list are 10 examples of the items described in the second list. Match the two lists by placing the capital letter from the first list on the blank line preceding the description to which it best relates. You should have two letters left over from List 1.
List 1— Examples
A. Fire extinguishers
B. Deleting an inactive customer’s record from customer master data
C. Ensure input validity
D. Ensure security of resources
E. Computer virus
F. Management philosophy and operating style
G. Accounts receivable subsidiary ledger in a manual system
H. Customer name and address
I. The process of increasing customer balances for sales made
J. Cash receipts journal in a manual system
List 2— Descriptions
_____ 1. A control goal of an operations process.
_____ 2. An instance of data maintenance.
_____ 3. Master data in a computerized system.
_____ 4. An illustration of an information processing update ( of master data).
_____ 5. Event data in a computer system.
_____ 6. A control goal of the information process.
_____ 7. An element included in the control environment.
_____ 8. An element of standing data.

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