Question: In the game of ve card stud one card is dealt

In the game of five-card stud, one card is dealt face down to each player and the remaining four cards are dealt face up. After two cards are dealt (one down and one up), the players bet. Players continue to bet after each additional card is dealt. Suppose three cards have been dealt to each of five players at the table. You currently have three clubs in your hand, so you will attempt to get a flush (all cards in the same suit). Of the cards dealt, there are two clubs showing in other player’s hands.
(a) How many clubs are in a standard 52-card deck?
(b) How many cards remain in the deck or are not known by you? Of this amount, how many are clubs?
(c) What is the probability that you get dealt a club on the next card?
(d) What is the probability that you get dealt two clubs in a row?
(e) Should you stay in the game?

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