Question: In the GSS subjects who were married were asked about

In the GSS, subjects who were married were asked about the happiness of their marriage, the variable coded as HAPMAR.
a. Go to the GSS Web site and construct a contingency table for 2008 relating HAPMAR (the column variable) to family income as measured in this section, by entering FINRELA (r: 1-2; 3; 4-5) as the row variable and YEAR(2008) in the selection filter, selecting No Weight from the weight menu.
b. Construct a table or graph that shows the conditional distributions of marital happiness, given family income. How would you describe the association?
c. Compare the conditional distributions to those in Table 11.2. For a given family income, what tends to be higher, general happiness or marital happiness for those who are married? Explain.

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