Question: In the Journal of Marketing Research November 1996 Gupta studied

In the Journal of Marketing Research (November 1996), Gupta studied the extent to which the purchase behavior of scanner panels is representative of overall brand preferences. A scanner panel is a sample of households whose purchase data are recorded when a magnetic identification card is presented at a store checkout. The table below gives peanut butter purchase data collected by the A. C. Nielson Company using a panel of 2,500 households in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The data were collected over 102 weeks. The table also gives the market shares obtained by recording all peanut butter purchases at the same stores during the same period.
a. Show that it is appropriate to carry out a chi- square test.
b. Test to determine whether the purchase behavior of the panel of 2,500 households is consistent with the purchase behavior of the population of all peanut butter purchasers. Assume here that purchase decisions by panel members are reasonably independent, and set α = .05.

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