Question: In the new system for Holiday Travel Vehicles the system

In the new system for Holiday Travel Vehicles, the system users follow a two-stage process to record complete information on all of the vehicles sold. When an RV or trailer first arrives at the company from the manufacturer, a clerk from the inventory department creates a new vehicle record for it in the computer system. The data entered at this time include basic descriptive information on the vehicle such as manufacturer, name, model, year, base cost, and freight charges. When the vehicle is sold, the new vehicle record is updated to reflect the final terms of the sale and the dealer-installed options added to the vehicle. This information is entered into the system at the time of sale when the salesperson completes the sales invoice.
When it is time for the clerk to finalize the new vehicle record, the clerk will select a menu option from the system, which is called "Finalize New Vehicle Record." The tasks involved in this process are described next.
When the user selects the "Finalize New Vehicle Record" from the system menu, the user is immediately prompted for the serial number of the new vehicle. This serial number is used to retrieve the new vehicle record for the vehicle from system storage. If a record cannot be found, the serial number is probably invalid. The vehicle serial number is then used to retrieve the option records that describe the dealer-installed options that were added to the vehicle at the customer's request. There may be zero or more options. The cost of the option specified on the option record(s) is totaled. Then, the dealer cost is calculated, using the vehicle's base cost, freight charge, and total option cost. The completed new vehicle record is passed back to the calling module.
a. Develop a structure chart for this segment of the Holiday Travel Vehicles system.
b. What type of structure chart have you drawn, a transaction structure or a transform structure? Why?

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