In the paper Demographic Implications of Socioeconomic Transition Among the
In the paper “Demographic Implications of Socioeconomic Transition Among the Tribal Populations of Manipur, India’’ [Human Biology (1998) 70(3): 597–619], the authors describe the tremendous changes that have taken place in all the tribal populations of Manipur, India, since the beginning of the twentieth century. The tribal populations of Manipur are in the process of socio-economic transition from a traditional subsistence economy to a market-oriented economy. The following table displays the relation between literacy level and subsistence group for a sample of 614 married men and women in Manipur, India.
a. Graphically depict the data in the table using a stacked bar graph.
b. Do a percentage comparison based on the row and column totals. What conclusions do you reach with respect to the relation between literacy and subsistence group?
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