Question: In the paper The Relation of Sex and Sense of

In the paper "The Relation of Sex and Sense of Direction to Spatial Orientation in an Unfamiliar Environment" (Journal of Environmental Psychology, Vol. 20, pp. 17-28), J. Sholl et al. published the results of examining the sense of direction of 30 male and 30 female students. After being taken to an unfamiliar wooded park, the students were given some spatial orientation tests, including pointing to south, which tested their absolute frame of reference. The students pointed by moving a pointer attached to a 360◦ protractor. Following are the absolute pointing errors, in degrees, of the participants.
At the 1% significance level, do the data provide sufficient evidence to conclude that, on average, males Have a better sense of direction and, in particular, a better frame of reference than females? (Note: . x1 = 37.6, s1 = 38.5, . x2 = 55.8, and s2 = 48.3.)

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