Question: In the presidential election of 2000 a number of events

In the presidential election of 2000, a number of events occurred between the initial vote count of November 7 and the count as certified by the Florida Secretary of State following counting of absentee ballots, a machine recount, and a Florida Supreme Court decision to require some hand recounts. Table 11.3.7 shows results in selected Florida counties indicating the initial count, the certified count, and the change in votes for Gore.
a. Based on this information, how strong is the relationship between the vote onNovember 7 and the change (from November 7 to the certified totals)? Please give both the name of the measure and its value.
b. Find the regression equation to predict the change from the number of votes cast on November 7.
c. Based on this information, how large a change would you expect to see in a county that recorded 250,000 votes for Gore on November 7?
d. How much larger (or smaller) was the change in Duval County as compared to what you would expect for the number of votes counted in Duval County on November 7, based on this information?
e. How much of the variability in certified totals is explained by the initial count onNovember 7? Please give the name of the usual measure with its value.
f. Is there a significant relationship between the vote on November 7 and the certified total? Please give the result with justification.

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