Question: In the state of California speed limits are established through

In the state of California, speed limits are established through traffic engineering surveys. One aspect of the survey is for city officials to measure the speed of vehicles on a particular road.
(a) What is the population of interest for this portion of the engineering survey?
(b) What is the variable of interest for this portion of the engineering survey?
(c) Is the variable qualitative or quantitative?
(d) What is the level of measurement for the variable?
(e) Is a census feasible in this situation? Explain why or why not.
(f ) Is a sample feasible in this situation? If so, explain what type of sampling plan could be used. If not, explain why not.
(g) In July 2007, the Temecula City Council refused a request to increase the speed limit on Pechanga Parkway from 40 to 45 mph despite survey results indicating that the prevailing speed on the parkway favored the increase.
Opponents were concerned that it was visitors to a nearby casino who were driving at the increased speeds and that city residents actually favored the lower speed limit. Explain how bias might be playing a role in the city council’s decision.

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