In the text Handbook of Biological Statistics Baltimore Sparky House
In the text Handbook of Biological Statistics (Baltimore: Sparky House Publishing, 2008), J. McDonald presented sample data on a shell measurement (the length of the anterior adductor muscle scar, standardized by dividing by length) in the mussel Mytilus trossulus from five locations: Tillamook, Oregon; Newport, Oregon; Petersburg, Alaska; Magadan, Russia; and Tvarminne, Finland. The summary statistics are shown in the following table. At the 5% significance level, do the data provide sufficient evidence to conclude that a difference exists in the mean shell measurement among the mussel Mytilus trossulus in the five locations.
For the degrees of freedom in this exercise:
Refer to the discussion of using summary statistics in one-way ANOVA. We have provided values of Fα not given in Table VI.
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