Question: In this assignment draft the letter for the signature of

In this assignment, draft the letter for the signature of the supervising attorney, Alice Black. Use the letterhead presented in the Application section of this chapter. Mr. Sanders's address is 930 North Hardwood Court, Friendly, NW 00065.
Assignment Memo: We represent Washington Ins. Co. They paid a claim by their insured in the amount of $21,235.00. The claim arose out of an automobile collision between the insured, Deborah Anderson, and Mr. Karl Sanders. Mr. Sanders ran a stop sign, and his vehicle collided with the insured resulting in the damage. Washington Ins. has written to Mr. Sanders requesting that he either provide proof of insurance at the time of the accident or that he pay the claim in full. He has not responded.
Prepare a draft of a demand letter to Mr. Karl Sanders demanding that he pay the $21,235.00 or contact me to see if we can reach an agreement for payment of the debt. Inform him that this is an attempt to collect a debt. Also inform him that if he does not contact us within

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